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Feiyuebio Research direction

Date : April 18, 2022
Products & Services : Lifes cience research test Kits: ELISA
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 Metabolomics is the scientific study of chemical processes involving metabolites, the small molecule substrates, intermediates and products of cell metabolism. It is a general term of cells and biological biochemical reactions, including energy metabolism in the mitochondrial, decomposing metabolism, and biosynthesis of fatty acids and proteins.

 Metabolic sympathography is the scientific research of chemical process in the study, which can be systematically identified and quantified by small molecule chemicals, including metabolites, intermediates, and small molecular substrates. New metabolic disorders can lead to the occurrence of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, fatty hymosis, fatty liver, etc. Studies of metabolism have been widely used in poison learning, disease research and other fields.

        Signal transduction

Signal transduction is the process by which a chemical or physical signal is transmitted through a cell as a series of molecular events, most commonly protein phosphorylation catalyzed by protein kinases, which ultimately results in a cellular response. Proteins responsible for detecting stimuli are generally termed receptors, although in some cases the term sensor is used. The changes elicited by ligand binding (or signal sensing) in a receptor give rise to a biochemical cascade, which is a chain of biochemical events known as a signaling pathway.

Signal transduction refers to the process of transmitting extracellular information to intracellular and acts, and external signals are identified by cell surface receptors, amplify and integrated, and produce a series of processes of cell response reactions. Signal transduction includes the generation of signals, transmission, and bond, that is, the signal molecules are released from the synthetic cells, and then transmitted, and the resulting effect is recognized. Signal transduction is involved in many processes,such as cell survival,growth,proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and communications.

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